About the Conference

The Development Dialogue (DD) conference is a yearly initiative organised by PhD researchers of ISS. It provides the space for doctoral candidates and early carrier researchers engaged in different fields of development studies to share their work, exchange ideas, and to discuss how their research relate to global development struggles.



The theme of the DD18 virtual conference, 2022, is “Doing Development Differently”. The theme speaks to the regime/period we live in, where ‘development’ is impacted by extreme nationalism; climate change; war; human rights violations; distribution of resources, inequalities, violence, and discrimination based on gender, sexuality, caste, class, race, nationality, religion and various other dimensions that characterize our identities – who we are. These impact individuals adversely and disparately- most marginalized being the worst affected. The recent COVID-19 pandemic has only exacerbated and highlighted these inequalities and injustices. Thus, as researchers engaged in the field of ‘development’, it is crucial more than ever in the present times to deliberate on – how we can do ‘development’ differently? To elaborate, through research, how can we ensure ‘real’ change, address epistemic injustice, and include different perspectives and the segments of knowledge that have been excluded from the ‘development’ discourse. How can we contribute through research towards ‘sustainable development’? Somehow this invites us to rethink the idea of ‘development’ itself and its vision. In other words, the theory and practice of development – what and for who?


Call for Abstracts

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From Research to Practice and Vice Versa - The Way for Human Development

A discussion focused on the Global South chaired by Dr. Esther Miedema, with Ms. Anna Minj, Ms. Biplapi Sheratha, Mr. Conrad Zellmann, Dr. Emmanuel Opong, and Ms. Pranita Achyut

The Next Pandemic

A Conversation with Peter A. G. van Bergeijk and C. Sathyamala