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Peter A.G. van Bergeijk (1959) has a PhD in international economics from Groningen University. The dissertation was defended in 1990, deals with trade and diplomacy and has been published in 1994 as Economic Diplomacy, Trade and Commercial Policy: Positive and Negative Sanctions in a New World Order. Peter has been and is a professor at Erasmus School of Economics, Zurich University and since 2009 at the International Institute of Social Studies alternating academia with jobs in banking (ABN, UBS, DNB = Dutch Central Bank) and policy making as chief economist at the ministry of Economic Affairs and the Dutch competition authority. Peter is (co)author/editor of 30 books and 250+ articles. His latest books are Deglobalization 2.0 Trade and openness during the Great Depression and the Great Recession (2019), the recent Pandemic Economics (2021) and the forthcoming Research Handbook on Economic Sanctions (December 2021).

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C. Sathyamala is a public health physician and epidemiologist with a PhD in Development Studies. She is currently a postdoc academic researcher at the International Institute of Social Studies, Den Haag, Erasmus University Rotterdam. Her areas of interest include food security and politics of food, political economy of health, medical ethics, reproductive rights, and environmental justice. She has been active in both the health and women’s movement in India for some decades. She has authored and co-authored books and published in journals, peer-reviewed and otherwise, and in newspapers on wide-ranging topics.



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Rodrigo Mena is Assistant Professor of Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Governance at the Institute of Social Studies of Erasmus University Rotterdam. His research focuses on humanitarian aid responses and risk reduction to disasters, and their interaction and nexus with other crises, such as social conflict, climate change, and migration. Dr Mena also serves as a Board Member of the International Humanitarian Studies Association (IHSA) and as convener of the Peace and Ecology commission at the International Peace Research Association (IPRA). Before his current positions, he has worked as a consultant, researcher and project manager with local and international NGOs, the UN, and ministries, particularly in disasters and conflict- affected places such as Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Chile, Sierra Leone, South Sudan, or Yemen. Recently he has been part of a research project on local response to COVID-19 in 7 countries, and it is at the moment co-coordinating the research programme “Humanitarian governance: accountability, advocacy, alternatives” financed by the European Research Council.