Presenters and Papers

Divided by panel

Presenter: Diego Díaz Rioseco

Paper:  Civil and Political Society: A Balance Theory of Democratic Deepening


Presenter: Sascha Rosenberger

Paper: Preventing Democracy Through Education


Presenter: Carla Alberti

Paper: Democracy in Multiethnic Societies: Indigenous Governance and Political Regimes in Rural Bolivia.


Presenter: Hlokoma Mangqalaza

Paper: Theme: What is the impact of democracy or the existence of democratic institutions on the livelihoods of people and societies?


Presenter: Salomé Teuteberg

Paper: The Social Contract and the South African Constitution


Presenter: Angelica Maria Ocampo

Paper: What states for what democracies?
Reflexions from the experiences of young men and women in the Sur de Bolívar in Colombia

Presenter: Susanne Steiger

Paper:  ( Shaping the fabrics of the state: The impact of external experts on policy processes and governance in aid receiving democracies) “Undermining democracy? The impact of expert advice on policy processes and governance in aid receiving countries”


Presenter: Sylvanus Kwaku Afesorgbor & Christian Bjørnskov

Paper: Aid and Inequality Revisited


Presenter: Fred Borson

Paper: Implications of Multiple Development Aid Procurement Rules in Developing African Countries: a Case Study of Ghana

Presenter: Minashree Horo

Paper: Translating communitization in health: A case of village health and sanitation committees (vhsc) within national rural health mission (nrhm) in jharkhand (india)


Presenter: Jaya Goyal

Paper: Accountability in a Democratic State: Can it explain differential service delivery of child nutrition programmes in India?


Presenter: Michela Marcatelli

Paper: ‘A better life for all’? A water perspective on 20 years of democracy in South Africa.


Presenter: Love Idahos, Justin van Dijk

Paper: Twenty Years of freedom: the Role of Social Grants in Addressing Inequality in a Young Democracy


Presenter: Zemzem Shigute and Arjun S. Bedi

Paper: What changes when allowing local participation?
Community Participation and Project Outcomes: The Case of Ethiopia’s Productive Safety Net Program


Presenter: Emma Haiyambo

Paper: Has Democracy Brought Welfare and Efficiency? : A Review of Namibia’s Decentralization Policy


Presenter: Louis Scheepers

Paper: Is service delivery protest an effective form of democratic expression?

Presenter: Mequanint B. Melesse and Erwin Bulte

Paper: Land Titling and Women Empowerment: Evidence from Ethiopia


Presenter: Eduardo Romero

Paper: Questioning forest governance in the margins of the State: indigenous peoples, conservation and democracy in contemporary Peruvian Amazonia


Presenter: Ma. Daniela Sanchez

Paper: Negotiating sovereignty and democracy: The neoliberal and post-neoliberal mining frameworks in Bolivia


Presenter: Carla Gomes

Paper: Recognition of local conceptions of sustainability:
the case of Miombo woodlands in Mozambique

Presenter: Baku Peduli

Paper: Democracy: Power, Systemic Povertization, and Search for Alternative Democracy in Eastern Indonesia


Presenter: Miryam Nacimento Beltrán

Paper: Disentangling Peruvian’s “Great Transformation”:
Resistance to neoliberalism and democratic governance in contemporary Peru


Presenter: Harry Greatorex

Paper: “Protest and Progress: revolutionary and counter-revolutionary participation in a Venezuelan barrio”


Presenter: Natalia Mamonova

Paper: The quiet struggles of Russian peasants:
Why there is no rebellion in the contemporary former-Soviet countryside.


Presenter: Raffael Beier

Paper: Slum Clearance in Morocco – Welfare Gains for Whom?


Presenter: Trevor McArthur

Paper: “Political Identity, Citizenship and Collective Memories: Recalculating the gains of Democracy in South Africa”


Presenter: Martín Bermúdez &
Duygu Avci,

Paper: Socio-environmental conflicts against coal and gold mining in Colombia: environmental justice movements cultivating democracy in harsh terrains

Presenter: Nelson Alejandro Ruiz Guarin

Paper: The unexpected consequences of democracy: violence towards the left in Colombia. 1984-2011


Presenter: Gabriel Rueda & Janitza Ariza

Paper: The contribution of the information to public and private institutions of democratic deliberation in colombia. Needs in armed post-conflict scenarios


Presenter: Tamara Soukotta

Paper: Democratic Elections in (Post-war) Ambon: For Better or For Worse?


Presenter: Diotima Chattoraj

Paper: Home and Belonging: Situation of Sri Lankan displaced Tamils in Sri Lanka and S.India

Presenter: Rasmirekha Biswal

Paper: Sustainable Financial Inclusion for Empowerment of People: Results from a pilot


Presenter: Marcos Reis

Paper: BRICS ́ Development Bank: an early analysis of its possible role on the global economic governance


Presenter: Blas A. Regnault

Paper: Understanding oil prices: The oil political economy global map


Presenter: Colin v. Habberton

Paper: Investor governance revisited: The risk and reward of democracy in institutional investment decision-making


Presenter: William Monteith

Paper: Disciplining the market: The changing the structure and function of governance in a Ugandan marketplace


Presenter: Enzama, Wilson

Paper: Producer Organizations as Value Chain Coordinating Institutions: The case of Smallholder Cooperatives in Uganda

Presenter: Tejeswar Karkora

Paper: Decentralised Governance and Political Empowerment of Women: A Study of Gram Panchayats in Koraput District of Odisha


Presenter: Noli Nivedita Tirkey

Paper: Availability And Utilization Of Reproductive Health Services Among Tribal Adolescest Married Girls Aged Between 15-19 Years In Jharkhand (India) : A Discourse Of Development


Presenter: Millicent Omukaga

Paper: How Democratic is Half of the Board Room?

Presenter: Bidu Bhusan Dash

Paper: Promotion of Grassroots Democracy in a Feudal Society. A Study on Role of Community Radio in India


Presenter: Nadira Khatun

Paper: Citizen Activism and Internet Campaigns: A Study of Mediation


Presenter: Anthony M. Gunde

Paper: The News Media and Democratic Governance in Malawi: Examining the Role of the Weekend Nation from a Political Economy Perspective between 2002 and 2012