Presenters and Papers

Divided by panel

Presenter: Joy Prafful Lakra

Paper: Tribal Customary Law, Social  Justice and Inclusive Development:  A case study in Jharkhand (India)


Presenter: Eelco Jacobs


Community based aid and social  capital in local collective action: a  comparison of community based  health funds and water use associations in Tajikistan


Presenter: Salomey Gyamfi Afrifa

Paper: Processes of Institutional Change:  Analyzing impact on Water Users  and Sustainability of Small Town  Water Supply System in Ghana


Presenter: Shyam Singh

Paper: Rights-based Approach to Development: Implications to  Financial and Governance Capacity  of the Indian State in delivering  Social Protection Measures

Presenter: Tarini Mahajan

Paper: Youth as co-shapers of development  processes: an alternative narrative  on youth civic engagement


Presenter: Maria Kypriotou

Paper: Rohingya refugees and the urban  informal economy: New stakeholders in an “emerging market”

Presenter: Sanjeeta Gawri

Paper: Maternal Deaths in Gadchiroli  District of Maharashtra, India


Presenter: Monica Addison

Paper: Gender dimension of improved  rice technology adoption and its  impacts on farm households in  Ghana


Presenter: Hellen Venganai

Paper: Bodies at the centre and voices on  the margins: Debates on women’s  contraceptives in Zimbabwe


Presenter: Xiaoying Zhang

Paper: The Multidimensional Poverty  Analysis of Migrant Women Survey from Employees in Home  Services Industry in Beijing


Presenter: Sonia Verma

Paper: Gender and Caste based discrimination among lower caste  women health workers in India:  How does it affect inclusive growth?

Presenter: Christina Sathymala

Paper: A Development Paradox – Unpacking the nutritional puzzle in  India


Presenter: Pradeep Kumar Choudhury

Paper: Private Sector in Medical Education and Human Resource  Development for Health in India:  Understandi


Presenter: Anders Granmo

Paper: Health, Growth and development:  Means and Ends


Presenter: Artë Retkoceri

Paper: Quality improvement of secondary  education and economic growth in  Kosovo


Presenter: Dhaneswar Bhoi

Paper: Growth, Development of Scheduled Castes and their Education: Line Drawn from Neo liberal Indian Experiences


Presenter: Saikat Ghosh

Paper: Difference in socio-economic  status and unequal opportunity in  early childhood education in India


Presenter: Tefera Negash

Paper: Growth for whom? Emergence of  oligarchy in post-1991 Ethiopia


Presenter: Irna Hofman

Paper: Granted to privatise but failed to  capitalise: understanding the ‘witches’ brew’ of donor driven farm  privatisation in post-socialist Tajikistan


Presenter: Mesele Mengsteab

Paper: Survival and Self-Embezzlement: The  Paradox of Street-Prostitution in  Addis Ababa


Presenter: AnagawD. Mebratie

Paper: An assessment of Community  Based Health Insurance Scheme in  Rural Ethiopia


Presenter: Rose Govindaraj

Paper: New Health Economy and its  Potential for Universal Health  Coverage: Opportunity or Trap


Presenter: Caroline Witte

Paper: Is Chinese Aid in Africa political  resource seeking?


Presenter: Virendra Kumar

Paper: Ensuring employment and wages for  scheduled caste youth of India:  Action needed for the growth and  development in real sense

Presenter: Sanika Sulochani Ramanayake

Paper: Currency Undervaluation on Growth  and Exports: Natural Resource vs.  Manufacturing Exporting Countries


Presenter: Mini Thomas Pulikkunnel

Paper: Impact of Services Trade on India’s  Economic Growth and Balance of  Payments: An Alternative Approach


Presenter: Daniel DeRock

Paper: Statistics for whom? The politics of  top-down indicator harmonization  around the world


Presenter: Abigail Ornellas

Paper: Neoliberal social development: the  role of social service professions in a  left talking, right walking South  Africa


Presenter: Calumet Links

Paper: Manifest Destiny: Did the Advancement of the Cape colonial  frontier stunt long term economic  growth?

Presenter: Elina Amadhila 

Paper: Government Financial Support  without Growth: a Comparative  Study


Presenter: Francisco Pereira Fontes

Paper: Threshold effects of drought  impacts in India


Presenter: Idahosa, Love O.

Paper: Energy Consumption In South  African Hotels: A Panel Data  Analysis

Presenter: Dalia Fadly

Paper: Determinants of Private Sector  Investment in Renewable Energy  Projects in Developing Countries


Presenter: Ana Carolina Rodrigues

Paper: Contribution to debate environment  and sustainable development in  Mozambique


Presenter: Qiaowen Zhang

Paper: New insights on responsible investment and corporate ESG  performance in South Africa and  China: a Neo Institutionalism framework


Presenter: Mirjam Schoonhoven

Paper: The institutional viability of rural  markets: how trade practice in Lira,  Northern Uganda enable and sustain  access to food


Presenter: Alex Osei-Kojo

Paper: Exposing the ‘dark forces’ against  corporate social responsibility in  Ghana’s natural resources sector