Presenters and Papers

Divided by panel

Presenter: Abha Arya

Paper: The Sustainable Practices in  Procuring Raw Materials: The  Case of Indian Ayurvedic  Medicinal Industry


Presenter: Bayu Wijayanto

Paper: Formal and Informal Food  Standards: Evidence from a Horticulture Commodities Value  Chain Survey in Central Java,  Indonesia 


Presenter: January Raphael Bikuba

Paper: Enhancing Community  Participation to Improve  Sustainability of Irrigation  Projects in Geita District,  Tanzania

Presenter: Jessica Fernandez

Paper: New Ways of Rethinking Development: cosmovisions,  knowledge, and alternatives from the Global South


Presenter: Pratima Tete

Paper: Research Ethics and Invisibilizing the Adivasis: Experiences of the  community during the movement against the Odisha Cement Limited (O.C.L.) mining in Langiberna, Sundergarh district,  Odisha, India 


Presenter: Silvia Tibaduiza Sierra

Paper: Understanding “living well” (vivir bien) of the Kogi indigenous  people of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta: pagamento and the relationship between human and nonhuman

Presenter: Grace Ese-osa Idahosa

Paper: The scales were peeled from my  eyes’ — coming to consciousness to become agents of change: The case of South African academics.


Presenter: Juan David Parra

Paper: Mediating the Powers and  Contradictions of Educational Structures: Analytical Dualism and Researching Failing Schools in Northern Colombia


Presenter:Taskeen Adam

Paper: Digital Neo-Colonialism: The  need for local and indigenous MOOCs from Developing Countries

Presenter: Umut Kocagöz 

Paper: Overcoming the “solitary  walker”? How praxis can be  understood through the paths  of scholar activism


Presenter: Sergio Coronado

Paper: Global struggles and national  claims. The role of lawyers,  scholars, and activists in  peasant’s legal demands for the  human right to land 

Presenter: Dennis Puorideme

Paper: Gender and Social Protection at  the Intersection of Discourses in  the Context of Ghana


Presenter: PR Bijitha

Paper: Ethical and Epistemological  Issues in Researching Adivasis and Gender – The case of Ravular


Presenter: Mirna Guha

Paper: Beyond HIV/AIDS, Human  Trafficking and ‘special victims’: Sex work, violence, and social relations in Eastern India

Presenter: Pankaj Das

Paper: Feminine Socialisation and  Education of Tribal Girls: The  Politics of School Exclusion 


Presenter: Sameera Khanam

Paper: Socio-cultural aspect of  Institutional Delivery in Urban  Slums of Aligarh, India 

Presenter: Alicja McCloskey 

Paper: Child – Migrant – Participant? A  case study exploring perspectives of young migrant  children in Ireland’ 


Presenter: Daniela Raad 

Paper: Identity(ies) in the (un)making:  Stories from five Colombians  and their Exile 

Presenter: Regina Estorba Macalandag

Paper: Reflexivity in research practice:  Reflections on an ethnographic study 


Presenter: Sruthi Herbert

Paper: Insider/Outsider/Imposter: Crisis of  Positionality


Presenter: Sonia Carolina López Cerón 

Paper: Ongoing research challenges: A  contribution from critical realism and realist ethnography approach

Presenter: Adegboyega Adedolapo Ola

Paper: Proliferation of Small Arms and  Light Weapons in Nigeria:  Implications for Peace and  Security


Presenter: Angélica María Ocampo

Paper: Experiencing the State within  Landscapes of Paramilitary  Domination in the Colombian  Region of Sur de Bolíva 


Presenter: Mark O. Okowa

Paper: The implications of hegemonic  discourses of transitional justice  on historical conflicts

Presenter: Jai Bhatia

Paper: Elite Interviews as Alternate  Research Tool in the Study of  Development


Presenter: Shyam SIngh

Paper: Participatory Research of  Praxis: What do local people  have to offer in knowledge  building?


Presenter: Christina Sathyamala

Paper: Immersion, diversion,  subversion: Ethnographic  reflections on the research  process

Presenter: Eric Opu 

Paper: Power Play: Communication For  (Sustainable) Development and  Sustainable Natural Resource  Management in Cameroon: The  case of the Ngoyla-Mintom  Projects


Presenter: Joseph Edward B. Alegado

Paper: Persist and resist in the time of  Dutertismo?: Agrarian movements at a crossroads at a  time of rising authoritarian  populism in the Philippines

Presenter: James Hathaway

Paper: Reform and Development at the Zambian Ombudsman Office: An  Institutional Logics Perspective


Presenter: Sergiy Pysarenko

Paper: Can democratization disincentivize economic development?

Presenter: Cynthia M. Mothamaha Phiri 

Paper: Housing exclusion patterns: Three  domains of Local Everyday Social  Work Practice Methods


Presenter: Vinny Flaviana Hyunanda

Paper: Revisiting conceptualization of Social  Inclusion: A critical self-reflection on  social inclusion Project in Indonesia


Presenter: Zahra Zarepour 

Paper: Cash instead of subsidy: Short and  long run impacts of the energy subsidy reform on the Iranian  economy 

Presenter: Balram Rao

Paper: Neoliberalism and Labour Contracts  in Emerging Markets: Empirical  Evidence from Delhi NCR


Presenter: Edoardo Esposto

Paper: Beyond the Neoliberal Watershed.  Johannesburg Water: A Case of  Breakdown? 


Presenter: Maryam Aslany

Paper: The Indian Middle Class, Its Size,  and Urban-Rural Variations