Presenters and Papers

Divided by panel

Presenter: Shreyat

Paper:  Activism and Awareness: ‘Weapons’ of Resistance for Dalit Students Against Caste Discrimination in Higher Education


Presenter: Kenny Chiwarawara

Paper: Continuities of service delivery protests in South Africa. A case of Gugulethu township in Cape Town.

Presenter: Boaventura Monjane

Paper:  Agrarian Movements´ Perspectives in “development” debates: land, food and nature in Southern Africa


Presenter: Fábio Teixeira Pitta

Paper: The Space Production in the MATOPIBA Region, Brazil: Violence, Transnational Real Estate Dealers in Agriculture and Fictitious Capital


Presenter: Amod Shah

Paper: The state and land grabbing: Examining global influences on contemporary land acquisition in India

Presenter: Carmen Martinez-Vargas



Presenter: Sonia Carolina López Cerón

Paper: Bogotá lower and middle-income families economic relations, answering to the challenge of structural inequality

Presenter: Seife Ayalew Asfaw

Paper:Seeing Like’ a Developmental State: The Politics of Law in Reconfiguring Civil Society in Ethiopia


Presenter: Valentina Brogna

Paper: African Diasporic Networks in Brussels as arising actors within EU-Africa relations: mapping and positioning


Presenter: José Ricardo Robles Zamarripa

Paper: How convenient! The limited emancipatory capacity of the non-discrimination clause within the hegemonic HR discourses and practices. The recent Mexican Indigenous National Congress political struggle

Presenter: Thais de Oliveira Queiroz

Paper: The impact of the internal and external variables in the democratization of the Lusophone Africa


Presenter: Salomey Gyamfi Afrifa

Paper: Understanding Process of Institutional Change in Small Town Water Supply Systems in Ghana: The National Community Water and Sanitation Programme democracy in harsh terrains

Presenter: Poulami Chatterjee

Paper: The Role of Women’s Empowerment on Child Nutrition in India: A Longitudinal Analysis


Presenter: Freda Rhona Philander

Paper: Infant food security and the right-to-food during the prenatal and postpartum period of women in Delft, Western Cape, South Africa


Presenter: Belebema M. Nguatem

Paper: Eating outside home: Children living in urban peripheral townships in Cape Town at risk of unhealthy food

Presenter: Karla Valeria Feijoo

Paper: No title


Presenter: Alberto Diantini

Paper: Social Licence to Operate, Free, Prior and Informed Consent and Human Rights in an oil block of the Ecuadorian Amazon


Presenter: Johan Spamer

Paper: Turn of the Tide for Social Justice and Inequality: The Blue Economy, New Frontier of African Renaissance


Presenter: Sanchita Bakshi

Paper: Investigating paradoxes of development polarization in India: whydoes the rising tide not lift all boats?


Presenter: Fernande Pool

Paper: Challenging the secular hegemony: bringing the religious voice to the struggle against inequality

Presenter: Bruhan Konda

Paper: Social heterogeneity, benefit heterogeneity and public good provision: A lab-in-field experiment in India


Presenter: Emmanuel Ilori

Paper: A review of the impact of the national micro small and medium enterprise policy on youth employment and enterprise development: A case of the Small Medium Enterprises Development Agency of Nigeria


Presenter: Carolina Elizabeth Patiño Peña

Paper: Determinants of Job Satisfaction and their Inter-temporal Change. The Ecuadorian Case using Household Surveys in 2007 and 2015.


Presenter: Saikat Ghosh

Paper: Red-shirting or Green-shirting: Does Duration in Pre-school Affect children’s Later Development?

Presenter: Stephen Asafo Agyei

Paper: Migration and Poverty Reduction nexus: Can diaspora contribute towards poverty reduction in their native country? A case study of Ghanaians living in London


Presenter: Beatriz A. Campillo Carrete

Paper: Human Security in IOM’s 2018 World Migration Report’s Perspective


Presenter: Bao Nguyet Dang

Paper: Trans-national (undocumented) circular migration of ethnic minority Vietnamese laborers from Northern Vietnam to Southern China: a political-moral economy analysis


Presenter: Mahardhika Sjamsoeoed Sadjad

Paper: Reflections on Identity Discourses in Encounters with Refugees

Presenter: Maria Klara Kuss

Paper: The deep politics of social protection: Understanding the transformative implications of SCTs for the perceptions of social justice


Presenter: Roeland Hemsteede

Paper: The Political Economy of Sustainable Cash Transfers: Lessons from Lesotho and Malawi


Presenter: Maria Gabriela Palacio

Paper: Otros lo necesitan más: graduation and the politics of entitlement

Presenter: Lisa Bossenbroek

Paper: Agricultural Wagework in Morocco: empowerment or exploitation of rural women?


Presenter: Pallavi Gupta

Paper: Limits of Multiculturalism: Constitutional Secularism and the myth of ‘Saving Muslim Women’


Presenter: Azeemah Saleem

Paper: Binary Subject of ‘Choice’: Veiled Society of Delhi


Presenter: Manuella Riane Azevedo Donato

Paper: The Concept of Empowerment in International Development Policy: an analysis of UN Women agenda for Latin America


Presenter: Brenda J. Rodríguez Cortés

Paper: “Sexual inequalities of women in the city of Monterrey, Mexico: reclaiming pleasure amidst systems of violence and oppression”

Presenter: Joseph Edward B. Alegado

Paper: Framing Discourses and Mobilizing Towards Collective Action: Environmental Movements’ Resistance Against Extractive Industries in the Philippines


Presenter: Anaide Luzia Ferraço

Paper: Grassroots struggle for Third generation rights: resistance against the Belo Monte dam.


Presenter: Yukari Sekine

Paper: Exploring possibilities of a 5R political strategy toward ‘repoliticizing’ inequalities in Myanmar 

Presenter: Ísis Dantas Menezes Zornoff Táboas

Paper: The Peasant Women Movement and the emergence of Women Rights in Brazil


Presenter: Antonio Roman-Alcalá

Paper: Othering and solidarity in 20thcentury agrarian United States: what can we learn about efforts to create cross-class alliances for progressive political change?


Presenter: Richard Hemraj Toppo

Paper: The Inevitability of Injustice? Resistance with(out) Revolution

Presenter: Ibtissam Ouaali

Paper: Sisterhood in Displacement: A Case-Study of Syrian Women’s Home-Making Practices in Lebanon


Presenter: Jaffer Latief Najar

Paper: Decoding the UN Palermo Protocol on Human Trafficking: A Critical Discourse Analysis approach


Presenter: Shucheesmita Simonti

Paper: Gender, Migration and Human Security: Case studies of Bangladeshi female migrant workers and Syrian Refugee Women

Presenter: Daniel Adeoluwa Adeniyi

Paper: Transforming Irrigation Agriculture for Food Security and Poverty Reduction among Smallholder Farmers in North West Nigeria

Presenter: Rinchen Angmu Lama

Paper: Vulnerability and Precarity: Exploring agency in hydropower development in marginal regions

Presenter: Charles-Alexis M. P. B. Couvreur

Paper: Socio-environmental Valuation Conflicts in the Fisheries of Southern Kerala

Presenter: Keerthi Srilakshmi

Paper: Valuation as an Instrument for Environmental Conservation: Case of Karnataka


Presenter: Benigno Balgos

Paper: Politics and ideological differences and their nexus with urban informality: The case of Metropolitan Manila, The Philippines